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Excellent pure acrylic emulsion paint for exterior use based on 100% acrylic resins. It provides superior whiteness, great hiding power, unmatched spreading rate and exceptional fastness to frequent washing and adverse weather conditions. It has very good levelling properties and creates a smooth flat surface with high vapour permeability. Acrylan can be applied to old or new properly prepared surfaces such as plaster, concrete, wood, plasterboard, etc.

• 100% acrylic
• Certified Cool Paint
• Unmatched spreading rate
• Exceptional fastness to frequent washing and adverse weather conditions

High quality acrylic paint, based on 100% acrylic resins, suitable for exterior use. It provides great hiding power, unrivaled spreading rate, superior whiteness and exceptional resistance to frequent washing and adverse weather conditions. It creates a smooth matt finish and ensures vapor permeability to surfaces.


Available in white


3l & 10l

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