Adesilex P25



• Indoor bonding of ceramic tiles and ceramic mosaics of every type on walls, also on slightly deformable surfaces.

• Spot-bonding insulating materials such as expanded polystyrene and polyurethane, rock and glass wool, wood-cement panels, foamed-concrete elements, sound deadening panels, etc. Some application examples

• Absorbent tiles on precast or cast concrete walls.

• Tiles on gypsum-plasters, sprayed gypsum and precast panels.

• Tiles on gypsum-board walls.

• Absorbent tiles on painted walls.

• Absorbent tiles on old tiles.

• Large format tiles on walls.

• Installation of insulating panels on plaster.

• Installation of expanded polystyrene ceilings.


Adesilex P25 is a water-dispersion adhesive based on acrylic resins, fine-graded mineral fillers and various admixtures. Adesilex P25 is ready-to-use: it is a viscous paste but easily trowelable even on vertical surfaces, and has an extended open time. Once fixed, the tiles adhere immediately thanks to the excellent initial grab. Adesilex P25 sets by means of the evaporation of its water content, until it forms an extremely strong bond that resists all the normal vibrations to which building materials are subject. Although the water resistance of Adesilex P25 is suitable for application in private showers and bathrooms, it is lower than cement-based adhesives.


Do not use Adesilex P25 in the following cases:

• for outdoor or continuous immersion applications (swimming pools, reservoirs, etc.);

• on metal surfaces;

• for the installation of non-absorbent tiles on non-absorbent substrates;

• for the installation of natural stones, especially light coloured limestones (e.g. Carrara marble).


Preparing the substrate Substrates must be consistent, free of oil, grease, wax, crazing, loose plaster, laitance and also free from residual or permanent moisture. Cementitious substrates must be dry (as an indication allow 1 week of drying time for each centimetre thickness). Where this is not observed, Adesilex P25 will not have a correct setting time.

Adesilex P25

can be used on gypsum supports and similar materials without priming as long as the surface is dry and solid.

Adesilex P25

is also ideal for bonding absorbent ceramic tiles on painted or enamelled walls and walls painted with water-based or oil paint, as long as the paint is firmly anchored to the surface. Application to walls whitewashed with lime is not advisable.

Applying the adhesive

Apply Adesilex P25 on the substrate with a notched trowel. To choose the right trowel, follow the general rule of selecting one that gives a coverage to at least 65% of the back of the tile:

• for mosaics up to 5×5 cm, the MAPEI square-notched trowel no. 4 is recommended (consumption about 1.5 kg/m²);

• for normal ceramic wall tiles, the MAPEI V-notched trowel no. 5 is recommended (consumption about 2.5 kg/m²);

• for very irregular surfaces and tiles with high ribs or lugs, the MAPEI V-notched trowel no. 6 is recommended (consumption about 4 kg/m²).

The open time of Adesilex P25 in normal temperature and humidity conditions, is approximately 35-40 minutes. The tiles must be laid within this time and particular attention must be paid as regards to the amount of adhesive used (4-6 m² in a single application). Should the adhesive form a skin, the surface must be re-trowelled. Do not work at temperatures below +5°C.

Installing the tiles It is not necessary to wet the tiles before laying; if, however, the backs are very dusty, they should be quickly dipped in clean water. The tiles should be applied using firm pressure to ensure good contact with the adhesive. Any adjustment must be carried out within 40 minutes. Tiles bonded with Adesilex P25 should not be exposed to water for at least 10 days after fixing. Bonding insulating materials Insulating panels, decorative ceiling tiles, etc. can all be applied by either spot-bonding or full-bonding. Apply enough Adesilex P25 with a notched trowel, an ordinary trowel or other suitable tool to ensure good bonding. The various materials have to be applied under firm pressure to ensure good contact with Adesilex P25.


Joints can be grouted after 24 hours with MAPEI cement or epoxy grouts, available in different colours. Expansion joints must be sealed with the special MAPEI sealants.


Surfaces are ready for use after 7-14 days, depending on the absorption of the surface.

Cleaning While it is still fresh, Adesilex P25 can be cleaned off the tiles with a damp sponge. Tools, hands and materials coated with Adesilex P25 can be cleaned easily with water as long as the adhesive is fresh. When dry, it can be cleaned off with petrol, acetone or turpentine based products.

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