DSE 125



The DSE 125 air eccentric grinder/sander is an efficient helper which thanks to its numerous accessories can be used immediately on grinding/sanding jobs in the home, workshop and garage. With an idle oscillating speed of 10,500 min-1, this tool is suitable for challenging grinding/sanding jobs. Effortless adjustment of the grinding/sanding speed is possible with the air rate control lever. The indestructible aluminium die-cast housing and the high-quality components of the DSE 125 add up to a long service life. For safe and tireless operation there is a vibration-absorbing, non-slip handle. The 125 mm diameter grinding/sanding disk with Velcro fastening is compatible with standard 8-hole abrasive paper. To help you get started there is a set of abrasive paper containing 2 sheets each in grit size K80, K100 and K120. For a clean workplace there is an extraction adapter for a vacuum cleaner or vacuum extraction system. A nipple for connecting to the quick-lock coupling of a compressed air hose is included.

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