SigmaFaçade Topcoat



Water-thinnable coating for internal and external use based on 100 % acrylic dispersion.

Suitable for use on previously treated or bare concrete. Also to be used on gypsum plaster, gypsum boards, brickwork, exterior plasterers, gas concrete and cement plasterwork. Excellent for public areas such as airports, hotels, halls, schools, hospitals and offices.

  •  Excellent weather resistance
  •  Excellent washablility and scrubbable
  •  Water vapour permeability
  •  Excellant hiding power and colour retention
  •  Colour fast
  •  Dirt repellant
  •  Unsaponifiable.

Suitable for all properly prepared building surfaces such as plaster, concrete, cement board, gypsum board, etc. It has high resistance to water, can be cleaned continuously in accordance with DIN 53778, is permeable to water vapor, unsaponifiable and sustains a minimum attachment of pollutants.


Applied with brush, roller, airless spray and is diluted up to 10% with water. Dries in approx. 2 hours, is recoated in approx. 6 hours and has a spreading rate of approx. 6-8 m2/ltr.


White and almost all colors according to the Sigma Coatings color fan.


2.5l, 5l, 10l, 15l


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