TE-JS 18 Li Kit (1×2,0Ah)



The Einhell TE-JS 18 Li Kit (1×2.0Ah) cordless jigsaw provides easy handling coupled with maximum precision for tricky sizing cuts, small jobs and large projects. Thanks to the smooth operation and the freedom of movement afforded by cordless operation, this tool even handles awkward precision work requiring exact cuts. Being “tied” to the “stumbling block” of the cable, with its attendant inconvenience and dangers, is a thing of the past with the cordless jigsaw. The dust blower function and an LED light for illuminating the cutting area ensure that the user has a safe view even when working under difficult conditions or on the object itself. The integrated plastic sliding element protects sensitive workpieces, while the chip guard enables cuts without splintering, for example when laying laminate or parquet flooring, cutting customized items of furniture to size or for horticultural projects. The additional attachable cutting line guide enables cutting work to be performed quickly and easily with precise results. Thanks to the selectable pendulum action for fast cuts, it effortlessly handles curved and fitting cuts. The universal blade holder without tools enables easy changeovers for working on different materials. This product comes with a 2.0 Ah Power X-Change battery, which can be used for all products in the Power X-Change series, and a high-speed charger; the charger, which is suitable for all X-Change models, quickly gets batteries ready for use again.

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